Anthony England
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Anthony England (Co-producer and Musical Director)

Who is Anthony England?  Ah, that is indeed the question... 

To some he is Musical Director, to others he is Studio Producer.  To some he is writer, arranger and composer, to others he is piano/keyboard player. 

Some may remember him as clarinet player, others will know him as children's songwriter, many will know him as ' ever so slightly jazzy ' and others will know him as ' 70's & 80's rock and pop '.

A lucky few will know him as a member of Sailor and an even luckier few will have witnessed him stripping on stage in front of 9000 screaming fans in a stadium in Germany! 

Anthony England been in the business for over 20 years and has watched and learned from the many successes and failures of his contemporaries as well as those who have walked the path long before him. 

He brings this wealth of experience and knowledge with him as he finally does what he set out to do 15 years ago, which is to entertain people, do justice to the music we all know and love, and bring like-minded people together to have a lot of fun doing it.

Let's rock and roll, baby!

Click here for soundclip featuring Anthony putting his fingers through their paces in "Baby, That Is Rock and Roll".

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