Special Guests...

Anthony England
Debbie Boyd
Special Guests

Wycombe Swan Theatre
8th Sept 2002

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Bonnie Langford

Anthony has the great pleasure and honour of being the musical director for Ms Bonnie Langford, with whom he has travelled the country and recorded many a vocal.

Bonnie, for all her small stature, has a gigantic personality and boundless energy - she is a delight to work with, is adored by audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and sheer talent with her wherever she goes.


Limahl graced the same stage as Anthony for nine months during the UK tour of "What A Feeling" and what a 'never-ending' whirlwind it was!  Proving himself to be more than just a pretty face (and a famous hairstyle), Limahl charmed audiences night after night with his enormous repertoire of songs (from James Bond to Abba) and inexhaustible supply of stand-up comedy. 

One of the great icons from the world of 80's new romantic pop, Limahl is perfectly suited to bringing this memorable era alive for us in the show.  But if you think that's all he's suited to, think again - he has a few other tricks up his sleeve...

(L to R - Anthony England, Bonnie Langford and Limahl)

Click here for sound clip featuring Bonnie and Limahl singing a specially arranged version of "I Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and "Something Stupid".