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Tumble Tots

Debbie can be heard on one of the latest CDs produced by Avid Video for Tumble Tots singing nursery rhymes for children.  There may be a sound clip available here soon....!

The Dream

CD recording of 6 songs from a workshop recording of 'The Dream' a new musical by Michael Woudstra and Peter Brammer-Smith.  Debbie sings 'The Cyber Song' and the duet 'I Really Loved Him' with Lucy Hunter-James.

Click here to download an MP3 of the workshop recording of the duet 'I Really Loved Him' (Debbie sings the opening verse).

  Fly Your Own Stealth Bomber

Debbie recorded the voice-over for this experience CD which will be available in River Island stores throughout the Christmas period.

The Ditch Blair Project (BBC)

A short pastiche of The Blair Witch Project in which Debbie played the lead role.  Filmed just outside Edinburgh for the SNP, it was broadcast on BBC1, BBC2 & ITV throughout Scotland in May 2001.


Cocaine and Abel (Film)

A short film in which Debbie appears as Carolina Garcia, a Mexican undercover cop who blackmails an American holidaymaker in order to secure herself a green card.  Filmed on location in Sardinia in 2001.

BADGE STEADY EDDIE Steady Eddie Videos

Debbie sang many of the backing vocals for this series of children's animated videos and DVDs.

Amoeba Red

Original rock band in which Debbie was the lead vocalist for a three years. Fellow band members were Andy Thomson (drums/BVs), Sandy Forbes (songwriter/keyboards), Lynn Sangster (bass/BVs) and Brian Massey (lead guitar).  They recorded a 4 track EP in 1994 at The Mill Studio in Aberdeen (MP3s will be available here soon).  The four tracks recorded were "Cross of Lorraine", "Take Me Away", "I Just Want To Talk" and "Southern Rain".

  Backing Tracks

Debbie can be heard from time to time on backing tracks for various theatre productions and karaoke videos!

  Living and Growing

It has been rumoured that Debbie once appeared in the BBC series "Living and Growing" and there have been various sightings of her performance over the years!  If anyone has more information - or a copy - please click here to let us know.