Which was your favourite musical era?

80s pop?  Disco?  Swing?  Motown?  Rock 'n' Roll?  Charleston?

...and who were your favourite artistes?

The Beatles?  Diana Ross?  Tina Turner?  Elvis?  Robbie Williams?  Spandau Ballet?

What about your favourite songs?

Dancin' In The Streets?  My Funny Valentine?  True?  Disco Inferno?  Great Balls of Fire?  My Guy?

Want to hear something you've not heard for a long time?

Pennsylvania 6500?  Chatanooga Choo Choo?

The Anthony England
Rock and Pop Orchestra

Music From The Last Century

"You name it, this show has it."
"Unmissable... if there's one show to see this year, this is it!"

Co produced by Anthony England and Debbie Boyd

Anthony England        Debbie Boyd        Special Guests        Vocalists        Orchestra

Anthony England, Debbie Boyd, Nick Bacon, Lucy-Hunter James and John Payton
 are featured on the recording of the new musical 'The Dream'.


Photography by Stuart G Lloyd Photography (stuartglloyd@yahoo.co.uk)